As much as we would love not to have issues with fraudulent activity, it is sadly a part of online business and we have seen our fair share. In order to overcome this growing issue we have a process in place to ensure your protection and ours from fraudulent transactions. 

3D Secure

Our website is equipped with an additional layer of security for credit card payments, this is called 3D Secure. 

3D Secure adds an authentication step to the checkout of your cart, where a redirect will take you to the card issuers domain where you will be required to key in a pin or password either sent via SMS or email to verify your credit card. You will then be re-directed back to our website and your order finalised. 

Card Payments over the phone

The following process is required for some card orders placed with a credit card OVER THE PHONE. Our secure payment provider (PIN Payments) will add a unique 3 digit code in the description of your credit card transaction. This will show up on your online bank statement as shown below (where XXX will be 3 numbers unique to your transaction):

PIN*XXX Metro Hobbies Box Hill VI AUS

In example above pin required is 482

We require all customers making a payment via Visa or Mastercard for the first time to provide these three numbers for us to verify ownership of the account. Only you will be able to see these numbers by logging into your internet banking and viewing the description of the transaction. If you do not have access to online banking, you can also contact your bank who will be able to let you know the code. Please note this is not your personal PIN number or the card CCV. 

We want to despatch orders as soon as possible and will proceed with shipment as soon as you verify the code.

 If this PIN is required for your purchase, our customer support team will contact you.