Plastic model kits require a basic set of tools to complete them including paint and glue. 

We have put together a list below of our recommendations for everything you need:   


Glue - Revell Cement Professional Glue

Hobby Knife - Excel 16020 K-18 Grip On Knife with Safety Cap Black

Sprue Cutters - Excel Soft Grip Sprue Cutters/Nippers

Paint Brushes - Hobby Basics Paint Brushes

Tweezers - Hobby Basics Fine Curved Point Tweezers

Abrasives - Hobby Basics Sanding Sticks

The colour of the paints required will depend on the kit that you are purchasing. Guidelines on which paints will be required for your kit will be included in the instruction manual.

If you are new to modelling we would recommend using Acrylic paints