Now when you hear diecast models, everyone always assumes metal. This is because for years the majority of companies in the industry built models using the die casting method of putting molten zinc alloy into a mould. So, the words die-cast became synonymous with metal model cars. But the industry has grown and now the market is filled with resin and composite models. 

Most diecast metal models have opening parts like doors, bonnets and boots and produce a very realistic looking and feeling model. 

Resin model 99% of the time are sealed body, meaning that they do not open, but the resin moulds allow for some of the highest level of detail. 

Composite models are all produced by Autoart. Autoart has shown that ABS composite material to be an ideal material to form the body of a model car. They contain fully opening body’s and high levels of detail throughout.

The material the model is made from should never deter you from buying! For example, some models may only ever be produced in resin as it is cheaper to make the moulds and therefore not as many cars need to be produced. This will therefore mean that models that would never have the popularity to be produced and cover the costs of a diecast metal model will have the opportunity to be produced.