Grades are a bracket used to classify and easily Identify major differences between Gunpla kits  

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the most common Grades

Entry Grade (EG): The newest series In Gunpla, Entry Grade Is a great point to jump Into If you’re wanting to get a start in the hobby but have had no experience in such things before, the kits are very simple, with only a few runners In the box they can be completed In under an hour and the finished products are Incredibly good for a kit coming In under $20.

High Grade (HG):  What many consider the “standard grade” sitting at 1/144 scale (approx. 13cm) and a great way to begin the hobby If you are after something quicker but still with a good amount of detail at a lower price, also has the widest range of model kits so If It’s In Gundam media It’s probably available! 

Master Grade (MG): Coming In at 1/100 scale (approx. 18.5cm), these kits are bigger and pack in more detail, often having Inner frames and a multitude of accessories, hand options for dynamic posing and scaled pilot figures make these a fan favourite!

Full Mechanics: Not coming in under any Grade these kits are at the same scale as an MG (1/100) but they lack staples of that Grade such as inner frames or dry transfer decals, the kits are generally done as Mobile Suits that are more niche or part of a team comprising of multiple different mechs 

Perfect Grade (PG): The ultimate Gunpla model kits, boasting a huge number of parts with extreme detail, these kits come In at a gargantuan 1/60 scale (approx. 30cm) and are more of an event to put together than a model kit! They have articulation enough to be able to display In just about any pose and make a fantastic centre piece for a collection!