To get started with DCC, you will need four key items:

-    A Power Supply Unit: To provide electricity to your layout

-    A Command Centre: To manage the signals going from your controller to the decoders in your locomotives and accessories

-    A Controller: This is the interface you use to control your layout

-    Booster: To amplify the signals from the Command Centre and supply power to the track

Additionally, decoders need to be installed in any locomotive or accessory in order to use them with your DCC system.

A starter set for DCC will have everything you need to get your DCC fitted locomotives moving. When setting up the equipment for the first time, it is a good idea to use a spare length of track to test the equipment and get a feel for it before installing it on your layout. The spare track will be helpful later, as you can use it to help with programming your locomotives’ decoders to link to your Command Centre.