Looking to get a slot car set? We've got you sorted!

We would start by asking you to answer these three questions:

  1. What is the age of the user(s)?
  2. How much space do I have?
  3. What style of car(s) am I after?

Answering these questions is a great starting point and should help to point you in the direction of the right set!

Metro Hobbies stocks the two largest slot car brands in the world, Scalextric and Carrera. Both brands have a great range of sets, cars, and accessories. Most of the time choosing between the two comes down to personal preference and the type of cars which you are after, however we have put together a helpful comparison of what each brand has to offer to make your choice a little easier!

  • More affordable
  • Smaller track width- better for smaller spaces (Track lengths vary from set to set)
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Better range of Aussie Cars!
  • Can come with or upgrade to App Race Control (ARC) – Connects to a smart device for race times/lap counts and more! Learn more about ARC here
  • Speed Limiters on controllers (Available with Most Sets -look for the below image) 
  • Multi Track Layout out of the box (Available with Most Sets -look for the below image)

Scalextric Range:

- My First - 1/64 scale, Ages 3+

- Micro Scalextric –1/64 Scale, Ages 4+

- Scalex43 – 1/43 Scale, Ages 6+

- “Standard” Scalextric-1/32 Scale, Ages 5+

View our Scalextric Range here

  • Premium Range on the market
  • More detail in their cars
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wider Track in the Evolution and Digital range called Mega Tracks, fits up to 1/24 scale (Track lengths vary from set to set)
  • Super Mario licensing
  • Wider Digital Range (Click here for the difference between analogue and digital) 
  • The Legend of Ferrari Available Exclusively from Carrera
  • Large Digital Range
  • Save space with Carrera Go!! at 1/43 scale is great when you don't have as much space for the Evolution or Digital Carrera Set range ( and the 1/32 Scalextric range)
  • Carrera Go!! Range has loops and Fly Over (Wall Turn)! Due to its size this is the only range with these features


Carrera Range

- First – 1/50 Scale, Ages 3+

- Carrera GO!! – 1/43 Scale, Ages 5+

- Carrera Evolution & Carrera Digital – 1/32 Scale, Ages 8+

View our Carrera Range here


Things to keep in mind once you have your set!

  • Keep the track clean! Pet hair, carpet fibres and dust can get caught in the track and cars.  This can cause the motors to burn out or wheels to stop turning.
  • Braids/Contacts (found on the underside of the car they make contact with the metal strips on the track) are a wear and tear item and will need replacing over time. Learn more here
  • Do not drag the cars backwards, this will fray the braids
  • The cars need to be driven and the driving style might take some time to master. Going full throttle around a corner will cause the cars to flick and crash straight off the track