Before starting your kit, the first step is to remove the parts from the plastic sprues.

There are many schools of thought about the best, cleanest way of cutting model kit parts of the the runners, (or in model kit parlance: the sprue). Of course, the best advice is to never twist the parts off. Most modellers agree the old way of using a hobby knife to slice down into a part may not be the best as well, especially if you have a very small part, or very thin plastic parts which may bend. And for younger modellers, a sharp knife always needs supervision.

The answer is a hobby sprue cutter. These are very different from wire cutters as they are fine, sharp and straight edged. They are so precise and even, that when the jaws clamp together they neatly cut the plastic from both sides.

Even so, with these tools there is a chance the part may be twisted when cutting, especially larger parts. To this end, the best way is to cut away from the part, on a segment of the runner. This keeps the main connection point undamaged, and takes the weight off the sprue side. 

So when you clean up the attachment points after the part is free, its a nice, neat slice!

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